4 Ways to Get Back Into Your Routine after Traveling

So you’re back from vacation (or maybe not that lucky, but back from a work trip!) - what do you do now?  You feel blah. Motivation is low. You may be inspired, but not back in the flow yet. How do you course correct and use the rest and rejuvenation or energy from traveling to get on track?  You get focused and get to work! Here are my four must-do’s after any trip:

Refresh your space.  

It’s so easy to use your space as a distraction and avoidance excuse, but if you make that the first thing you do to get focused it won’t be there for you to use as an excuse later.  And who doesn’t like a clean, refreshed space?! I like to clear off any workspaces and countertops, wipe everything down (including my keyboard, mouse, etc.), and add a bouquet of fresh flowers (p.s. Trader Joes is THE best spot for cheap, beautiful floral arrangements!).

Brain Dump.

What do you need to do?  What’s on your mind? What did you put off while you were gone? It can help to list out projects you are working on AND any random thoughts that come up - what’s for dinner, what chores are on the to-do list, etc.  Whatever comes to mind. Set a timer for 10 minutes and jot it ALL down.


What did your list look like?  Overwhelming? Take another 5 minutes to decide what three things you MUST do this week.  Schedule them in your planner. Look at the remaining things on your list and choose a task for each day of the week.  Focus on getting those things done on time with your schedule. Quick tip: Always give yourself a little more time than you think you need to complete something.  You’ll get it done on time and won’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself with an unrealistic timeline!

Get to Work!

This last step can be the most difficult, but is the quickest way to reset.  Take action on your list right away. Can you get one of your top three must do’s done today?  If not, knock at least one thing off your list today. Taking action is the quickest way to get back in a routine.

Happy Planning!

Sara BellComment